In order to provide your edentulous and partially edentulous patients renewed confidence in their smile, Emerald Dental Lab is dedicated to fabricating durable and esthetic removable solutions. Customized to fit each case and patient, these restorations help preserve oral health.

  • Complete Denture Complete Denture
  • Valplast® Flexible Partial Valplast® Flexible Partial
  • Vitallium® Cast Partial Vitallium® Cast Partial
  • Nightguards Nightguards
  • Sportguards Sportguards

Complete Denture

Help your edentulous patients rediscover their smiles by providing them with our affordable and lifelike complete denture restorations. Our solutions for your edentulous patients provide them with maximum comfort, fit and function.

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Valplast® Flexible Partial

Our flexible partials are fabricated out of Valplast®, which is a biocompatible base resin made out of nylon thermoplastic. This material has exceptional physical and esthetic properties that allows for unlimited design versatility. Our flexible partial dentures offer retention, comfort, esthetics, and strength.

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Vitallium® Cast Partial

Our cast partial framework is fabricated out of Vitallium®, which has time-tested success for dental restorations. This material is a cobalt-chromium alloy free of nickel and beryllium, which makes the framework both strong and lightweight. It provides your patient with optimal fit, easy adjustability, and resistance to fracture and corrosion.

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Our nightguards are available in soft, hard, and combo options and are excellent solutions for varying severity of nighttime bruxism. They ensure a protected and comfortable night for your patient.

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Our sportguards provide a high level of protection for amateur and professional athletes. With a comfortable fit and retention, these devices can prevent a variety of dental trauma, including fractured teeth from inadvertent impact.

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